Best Revenge Moments in Indian Cricket

Best Revenge Moments in Indian Cricket

The competitive nature of cricket gives rise to the best revenge moments in Cricket. This article will discuss on the revenge moments of the game where cricketers give a befitting reply to a previous defeat or to an uncomfortable moment, taken personally by a player on a past occasion.

Presented By: Raghunath Nair

Date: 22/08/2023



Best Revenge Moments in Indian Cricket

Cricket, known as the gentleman’s game has evolved over the years. What started as a leisure sport, played and run during the colonial era has evolved to become a very competitive and fiercely played sport. Known for its traditional framework and sportsmanship the sport has its share of emotional outbursts in the heat of the moment.

Most Revenge are harmless in nature and can be seen as a laughable discussion point after the closure of the game.

While it can be considered premeditated at times, the act of revenge can positively or negatively affect the player and when the act of revenge crosses the spirit of the game line, it turns out to become a very ugly sight.

Not always does the revenge play out as planned but if the happening of the revenge is perfectly timed, it becomes a great spectacle for the supporters and fans of the game who likes to see a bit of drama in the game from time to time.

Here are some of the instances handpicked by our team of instances of revenge by players which made great television when it happened.

Venkatesh Prasad vs Aamir Sohail

Venkatesh Prasad vs Aamir Sohail

India and Pakistan rivalry is always well documented. It is also well documented that emotion take the front seat in such games.  Pakistan was in the driving seat and in course for a win during their chase of 288 in the World Cup Quarter-Finals of the 1996 Cricket World Cup at MA Chidambaram Stadium, Bangalore.

The Opening batting pair put on a partnership 84 in 10 overs before the first wicket fell. The Pakistanis were playing the Indian bowlers with ease. The chase was on track and Pakistan was marching along.

Amir Sohail indulged in a verbal battle after he stepped out to Venkatesh Prasad to hit a cracking cover drive. He was gesturing to the bowler that he will hit the bowler again in the same direction.

While Venkatesh did not verbally respond, Venky, however, had the last laugh by cleaning up the Pakistan opener in the very next ball. This epic reply is edged in the history of Indian cricket to be the most satisfying.

Virat Kohli vs Kesric Williams

Virat Kohli vs Kesric Williams

West Indian Kescric William had a unique style of celebrating after taking a wicket. He used to take out an imaginary diary from his pocket and act as if he has ticked off the batsman of his list.

This style of celebration often plays in the batsman’s mind.

During a one-day International, Kescric William almost collided with the Indian batsman while attempting to stop the ball in the batsman’s path of running. This was followed by some verbal spat between the player and the umpire had to intervene. Williams also gestured to the Indian crowd to be silent which did not go well with the Indian Star. Virat Kohli took the bowler to the cleaners and hit him to all parts of the ground.

Virat also gestured to mimic Kescric William’s celebration style of taking an imaginary note and ticking the bowler off his list.

Yuvaraj Singh vs Andrew Flintoff

Yuvaraj Singh vs Andrew Flintoff

This is one for the history books. The altercation between Yuvaraj Singh and Andrew Flintoff led to a fiery verbal spat between Southpaw and the English Allrounder.

While the altercation was with Freddy, Stuart Broad was on the receiving end of Yuvaraj’s wrath. Stuart Broad came as the next over change after the spat and a furious Yuvaraj Singh channelized his anger by hitting the English premier bowler to six sixes in an over, a new T20 record then.

The Sixes not only laid the foundation for an Indian win, but it also made the Indian team believe in themselves to become the 2007 T20 World Champions.

The former India batsman completed his fifty off just 12 balls and still holds the record for the fastest T20I fifty.

Sourav Ganguly in Lords

Sourav Ganguly in Lords

Andrew Flintoff pulled a rabbit out of the hat in Wankhede Stadium to win a crucial one-day International in Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai.  The Win helped England to a series draw and to celebrate the victory, Freddy took off his shirt and ran around the ground waving at the huge Wankhede crowd. The gesture was not taken kindly and Saurav had a bone to pick with the England team.

His opportunity came at the Mecca of Cricket, “The Lords”. In the Natwest series Final, an inspiring partnership from India’s young guns Yuvaraj and Mohd. Kaif saw India chase 325 runs.

The Win was celebrated by Ganguly doing what Freddy did in Wankhede. He took off his shirt and waived it from the balcony of the stadium.

This was India’s defining moment and the new aggressive Indian Approach to the game was born.

Sachin Tendulkar and Henry Olongo

Sachin Tendulkar and Henry Olongo

India, Zimbabwe, and SriLanka played a tri-series in India. During India – Zimbabwe Group game, though Zimbabwe had a strong team, India was the hot favorites to win the fixture.

India restricted Zimbabwe to a low total and India had to chase only 206.

Youngster Henry Olongo took the new ball against the World’s Best batsman.

Sachin got surprised by a steep bouncer and was caught in the gully. Sachin was very upset and embarrassed in the manner he was out and the loss by 13 runs even made it more upsetting for the great man. Henry Olongo took 4 prized wickets shattering the top order.

After 2 sleepless nights, Sachin would get the opportunity again to face Olongo.

India met Zimbabwe again in the finals. With only 197 runs to chase, Sachin was eager to make a statement and switched himself to ultra-aggressive mode against the young Henry Olongo. The Pacer was smashed all around the ground and conceded 50 runs in 6 overs. India won the Finals by 10 wickets.

M.S, Dhoni vs Mustafizur Rahman

M.S, Dhoni vs Mustafizur Rahman

During the 1st 0DI, in Mirpur, against Bangladesh and India, the Bangladeshi fast bowler, Mustafizur Rahman deliberately tried to cross the path of the incoming running batsman to fox him into a runout.

Initially, Mustafizur tried this trick against Rohit Sharma but the collision was soft and Rohit Sharma understood what “ the Fizz ” was upto and warned the southpaw against repeating it

The Indian Batsmen were now aware of this and planned their next move. Seeing MS Dhoni taking a quick single in the 25th Over of the match, Fizz again after taking a glance at the batsman tried to run towards the path of Dhoni.

Dhoni did not take a step back and ran into Mustafizur during the run, and appeared to shove him out of his way with his forearm.

Mustafizur was winded and took some time to recover from the strong MSD blow.

Both the batsman and the bowler were fined for their act but the bowler learned a painful lesson.

Dhoni vs Bangladesh Team

Dhoni vs Bangladesh Team

The fans of Bangladesh cricket are the most emotional lot in cricket. They back their team in every tournament and is good for the game. But sometimes their passion for the sport goes overboard and in their celebrations of reaching the final of the Asia Cup, a poster of a morphed picture of pacer Taskin Ahmed holding a chopped head of Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni became viral as a war cry.

The picture was highly upsetting and this made the Indian team more determined for the finals.

In the finals, a tremendous partnership between Shikar Dhawan and Virat Kohli saw India getting a great platform for the chase.

India needed 19 runs in the last 2 overs and in walked in MS Dhoni who was focussed and in ultra-aggressive mode. He finished the game with 7 balls to spare with 02 massive sixes and a boundary deflating and silencing the Bangladesh crowd in the stadium.


Revenge in the game is a double-edged sword. It can motivate the team and the player to push their game further. It can also have an adverse effect and the ultimate goal of winning the game is put on the back burner. The focus from the game can shift and while this may help the theatrics, it can drain out all the energy out of the game.

If in any way the spirit of the game gets affected, it can harm the game of cricket, and striking a balance is needed to ensure the competitiveness of the game is not affected by the execution or the lack of it during the game.

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