Top Famous Cricketers Who Chose A New Profession After Retirement

Top Famous Cricketers Who Chose A New Profession After Retirement

Today Cricket is a very lucrative profession and with the professional T20 Franchise leagues around the world, cricketers do make a decent living while playing the game for their country or their respective clubs.


Many cricketers chose to be associated with cricket even after retirement. They take assignments either in Broadcasting or are part of the action by taking coaching assignments.


Not all cricketers have luxury attached to their name post-retirement. Some with their life choices tend to lead a humble lifestyle after retirement.


Here’s a look at some of our past cricket heroes and their post-cricket life today


Cricketers and their Post retirement Careers


 Imran Khan – Cricketer, Politician

Imran khan

Pakistan’s most famous cricketer and arguably one of the best all-rounders of the game, Imran Captain left cricket in a dream manner winning the 1992 Cricket World Cup.


Imran Khan used his popularity to build a cancer Hospital and then plunged into Pakistan Politics.


After a 22-yearpolitical wait, Imran Khan’s party won the Pakistan General election and became the Prime Minister of Pakistan.


Imran Khan soon realized that leading a nation was not as easy as captaining a cricket team and soon got embroiled inmultiple political controversies which saw him being ousted from power.


One of the most decorated Pakistani, Imran is facing multiple corruption charges in his country and is currently in jail for his alleged role in corruption.


Curtley Ambrose- Cricketer, Musician

curtly ambrose

One of WestIndian fast bowling greats, Curtly Ambrose took up music after his retirement.


Music is part of the Carribean culture and it was easy for the tall West Indian to find his true calling in music.


Curtley Ambrose was one the key members of the bowling unit of West Indies in the 90s and has earned his name as a legend in the Hall of Fame of world cricket.


Curtley is now a reggae musician who plays the bass in a band called The Baldhead.


Joginder Sharma- Cricketer, Policeman

joginder sharma

Joginder Sharma took the last wicket of Pakistan’s MisbahUl Haq to help India win the 2007 inaugural T20 World Cup. He became an overnight star but post his World Cup heroics, Joginder Sharma could not cement his place in the Indian team. This led to him rethinking his career choice.


For his World Cup win, he was awarded a job in the Haryana Police which he took and is currently serving Haryana Police as a DSP.


Nathan Astle- Cricketer, Race Car Driver

Nathan astle

In the 90s Nathan Astle was one of New Zealand’s best Opening batters and he was a regular member of the New Zealand team for almost a decade. He was an aggressive batsman and held many records including the fastest 200 in Test Cricket. A regular in all formats for the Kiwis, he adapted to the different formats with ease.


When Form deserted him, his position in the Kiwi team was no more a certainty and he took a break from Cricket and pursued his car racing passion. He decided to become a racer in the Sprint Car Championship. Currently, Nathan Astle has shown some promise in his new found career and has been a regular in the racing circuit.


Chris Lewis – Cricketer, Smuggler

Chris Lewis

The story of Chris might be the worst when it comes to career choice after cricket. Chris Lewis did well as a cricketer for England in the 90s but constant injuries and disciplinary issues within the team kept him in the news for all the wrong reasons.


In search ofa quick buck, Chris Lewis ended up in prison for 13 years for smuggling narcotics.


He was found guilty of smuggling cocaine into the country, hidden in fruit juice tins in his cricket bag.


Mike Whitney – Cricketer, Television Personality

mike whitney

Fast bowler Michael Whitney was a favorite among Australian and New South Wales cricket fans for both his sense of humor and whole-hearted approach to the game.


Since retiring from cricket, he has worked in the media, most prominently as the host of Who Dares Wins. He later on has hosted multiple TV shows and have made a name in media apart from being in commentary from time to time.


Suraj Randiv – Cricketer, Bus Driver

suraj randiv

Former Sri Lanka cricketer Suraj Randiv, who was once a regular member of the Lankan national side, is currently living in Melbourne, Australia where he drives a bus to make ends meet.


A right-arm off-spinner, Randiv was part of Sri Lanka’s 2011 ODI World Cup squad and also played the final against India which MS Dhoni & Co. won by six wickets. He was also infamous for his deliberateno-ball to deny Sehwag a century in a bilateral match between India and Sri Lanka.


Randiv along with another former Sri Lankan cricketer – Chinthaka Jayasinghe and Zimbabwe’s Waddington Mwayenga are working as bus drivers in Melbourne.



Post retirement, some cricketers have made a comfortable post-retirement living but many have struggled once their cricketing career is over. This is more evident in the pre-IPL era.


Today, with franchise leagues like IPL and other T20 franchise tournaments around the world, the T20 franchise sport has become financial cash cows for cricket boards and this in turn leads to cricketers becoming richer and richer. Cricket today can be taken up as a career with these leagues. National Central contracts are refused by cricketers who wishes to prolong their career in the shortest format and be allowed to play various franchise leagues around the world.

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